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About me

ĽThe way from Earth to the stars is not straight.Ē

And it really isnít. Especially if you follow your stars and your wishes. Iím doing it for all my life. A bit more than thirty years. Now the time is right to realize one of my greatest and maybe most risky wishes.
Iím going to travel on bicycle. A long way.

Iíll encircle the world.

Who am I? Dejan Glavnik, born on September 26th in Celje, Slovenia. Iíve lived mostly in Polzela near Celje. Living in natural environment I soon began to engage in sports Ė racing and bicycling became my favorites in elementary school. When I was attending a secondary school in Celje I began to practice those two sports effectively. I became a member of state young team in racing and bicycling and in triathlon. Iíve enjoyed the practicing and soon the results followed: I was the winner in racing and bicycling three times and once in triathlon. I was the member of Slovene state team on two worldwide and four European championships and a member of Slovenia state team on worldwide cup championshipÖ
When everything was going my way and I only wanted to reach over my abilities, I had a traffic accident. It happened during the winter training in USA. I had to give up the professional sport career but the sports still remained a part of my motioned life. I always knew how to find new hobbies, new things to do with devotion and passion. When I developed a taste for electronic music I also helped to organize performances and contributed to its popularity among our people. I learned a lot doing that. Then I started to build a house. I did a lot of work by myself, because Iím not fastidious about a kind of a job. And Iíve enjoyed working. There are many ways to fulfill your dreams, at least itís true for meÖ
That why I listened to myself again and to my great wish, which didnít want to disappear. To see the planet Iím living on! To travel around the world on bicycle. Iím going to realize the decision, made in year 2003! Iíve decided to start the tour from my city of birth, Celje, on April the 22nd, the day of Earth. That particular day is carrying a lot of symbolic meaning.

Since the 22nd of April 2006 youíll be able to cycle and dream with me. First Iíll go west. Iíll take myself a lot of time Ė Iíve decided that I need five years to learn about the planet Earth. Youíll be able to dream and realize your dreams with me since the first day. Weíll be separated only by click on www.tourtheworld.si or dejan@tourtheworld.si . The computer and the camera Ė along with the bicycle Ė are going to be my best friends for five years. And that is because that way Iíll be able to share my experiences with you!
Yes, Iím inviting you on a long, crazy tour. Weíll meet in 2011 when Iíll come home, if not before. Iíll come back to Polzela.
Do you think Polzela will be warm and familiar then, still? Iíll never know if I donít realize my greatest wish. And follow the stars, which are going to accompany me on my way, full of ups and downs.

All of it to that I quench my life wish.